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Ore-sama no bigi ni yoina~

Name: Elisa.
Nickname: I have no nicknames in real life, but online they are Raiden and Beldarius, along with several different variations of them, like Rai, Rai-Rai, Beldi and Bel. The last four are only names people call me whenever I use Raiden or Beldarius somewhere.
Age: 22 (on 19th of March)

Likes: Anime, manga, reading (mostly fantasy), daydreaming (mostly imagining things for a fandom, like "talking" with characters), writing, translating (poems and stuff), creating characters for fandoms, history, mythology (Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, Celtic), animals (wolves~), music (anything goes - classical, too. Beethoven FTW!), astrology, astronomy (sometimes I go out on winter nights and search for constellations), divination (I have a pack of tarot cards right here next to me), learning Japanese, my cat, peace (= not getting disturbed), searching for information about different subjects, finding names and their meanings from different countries (especially Celtic), autumn (I love the sound of rain, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the cool air and the windy days).

Dislikes: Writer's blocks, boredom, rabid fangirls, Mary-Sues, people who bully others, getting disturbed while I'm doing something, my parents ordering me around ("Clean that, do this, get off the computer now"), exercising ( in sports), summer and winter (too hot and too cold!). Oh, and spring, too - allergies, see.

Hobbies: See "Likes".

Talents: I have an exceptionally good memory; my IQ is 135 and I know a lot of stuff; my general knowledge is better than that of the adults in my neighborhood; I'm fairly good at writing (especially humorous); I'm also a very fast reader (I can tell if a page says something with only one glance); I'm very good and very fast at finding information (if you need something looked up in English or Finnish, you know who to turn to); I learn stuff fast (I learned to use the computer and Internet on my own, and I only have to look at a handbook once to learn how to do something and actually remember it...); and I have some linguistic skills (if I've never heard of a language before and see a word from that language, I can instinctively pronounce it right the first time); I can also predict things sometimes. I swear I can. (I predicted the American VA of Masaru aka Marcus from Digimon Savers. I said on the DATS Forums before the dub was announced that Quinton Flynn will probably voice him. XD And I also predicted the English name of Suguru - I said it would be either Stephen or Spencer. XD Go to AnimeNewsNetwork and see what happened!)
I've also been called "a Walking Wiki" and "a person with an information overload" on multiple occasions. But really, only a fraction of it is from my memory... the other part is just me being exceptionally fast at digging up the information I need.
Also, every time I notice someone being depressed around me, I try to say something along the lines of "Hey, everything's gonna be all right, just you wait.". A couple of years ago I even acted as a shrink for an online friend who was feeling totally in the dumps. He got better after talking with me for a couple of days.

Goals: Um... to become a library assistant. And actually finish writing my original story, which I started because I wanted to write a book.

What do you feel is your best quality? Why?: Intelligence, I guess. I just know a whole deal about many subjects... I'm also a fast learner and good at figuring out shapes, deciphering underlying meanings in writing and speech, discovering connections between things and so on.

Your worst? Why?: Lack of emotion, I think. Or well, I DO have emotions, but I can't display them. You see, I can laugh when I find things funny and cry when I find things sad, but... somehow when I'm supposed to feel something, nothing happens. My sister died in 2007 and when I heard about it, I felt nothing - no sadness, not even shock. I still don't feel anything when I think that she's dead. Her boyfriend killed her, but I feel sorry for the guy instead - he didn't know what he was doing because a wrong type of medication made him snap (and he told my dad in a text message that he wants to die due to what he's done).
And also, when I see fangirls scream at their idols, I just think "That's so embarrassing, what idiots! D:". The same happens when I see somebody flip after receiving good news. I have this thought stuck in my head all the time: "Losing control of your emotions is embarrassing, especially in public. So don't do it for the love of all holy! D:"

What's your favorite quote? Why?: "Wake me up if we're about to die." ...Ahem. ;P This is from George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" and it's seriously one of the funniest quotes I've ever seen. I like it because it's so hilarious. xD

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?: I guess that emotionless streak. I feel all awkward when I'm the only one not displaying emotion in a crowd of people. >>' (Like funerals. People cry, I just sit there feeling nothing. Awkward as hell!)
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Why?: No need for money anymore. It would be a lot easier if everything was free - people just worked for the good of everybody, making food, building things and so on. I mean, you can do all of that without money as long as people work and aren't lazy. I don't think I can quite explain the idea I have in my head, I have no words good enough for it...

Why do you like the anime/manga Prince of Tennis?: Interesting characters. And also, the matches look fun with all their techniques - reading the manga taught me tennis terminology and now I can watch tennis without being confused. xD
Who is your favorite character? Why? (You won't be judged on this): Masaharu Niou. He's a trickster and likes being a bit mean to people, but he takes losses in stride and seems very smart. He actually didn't seem down at all after losing to Fuji, instead he seemed glad that Fuji was ready to have a match with him again one day. He doesn't take things too seriously and seems carefree, plus he doesn't appear to hate anyone (in fact, when it comes to this, it's like he has a "Whatever" attitude). All in all, a very likable guy, this one.
Who is your least favorite character? Why?: Tomoka, I guess. XD I've never liked rabid fangirls.
What's your favorite pairing? Why?: Tezuka/Miyuki. I really like Miyuki's attitude toward Tezuka - plus Tezu likes her. *shrug* Of course, this pairing will work once the girl grows up. Should take like 10 years. >>'
What's your least favorite pairing? Why?: Pretty much every pairing there is. It's because the characters are so young - whenever you go "This pairing is so cool!", I go "Sorry, I'm not into shota.".
If you got to choose a character in the show to be for 24 hours, who would it be? Why?: Kaidoh. I don't exactly know why, I guess I just seem to like his personality - confrontational and easily irritated, but cares about people under the hard exterior. Also, he has a nice voice (original version, I don't watch the dub) and his techniques look awesome.

How did you find this community?: Searched for Prince of Tennis at LJ. *shrug*

Anything else?: I'll list some stuff I've written for applications on other rating comms. It'll be a long list, so... uh, prepare yourselves?

Weak points: I'm lazy - but the funny thing is, at the same time I get bored/depressed really easily if I don't have something to do; I procrastinate (A LOT - and tick off my parents by doing that); I can't draw for the life of me... or sing (I want to be able to do both! ;___; ); my tendency to ramble; I'm also quite shy (mostly in real life); I can't really give critique about anything (it's bad, I swear - I'm afraid I might offend someone if I did. ...Really, there is something as being "too polite"); I'm rather antisocial, in the sense that I'd rather be alone than get into town with my friends; and I get really annoyed if my peace is disturbed (tending to snap "What now?" at my mom if she opens the door of my room); I nearly always underestimate myself and my abilities - negative version of modesty, anyone?; I lack ambition so much it isn't even funny, my self-confidence isn't one of my strong points... and I don't really take care of myself well enough (my mom tells me to go out more. XD).
...I haven't had any self-destructive thoughts, even with my confidence level - and no, it's got nothing to do with being scared of dying... death doesn't bother me.

Night or day: I'm more energetic during the night than day - so I'm a night owl.
Mature or Immature: I'm more mature - but my Mom tells me I'm more childish. (...Being obsessed with anime and manga doesn't make you childish, does it? -___-)
Leader or Follower: Neither. I hate telling people what to do and I don't really like to take orders, either. So I guess I'm more of an outsider/loner.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Um... my Mom calls me pessimistic, but I see myself as a realist. XD
Outgoing or Shy: More shy than outgoing (I hate talking on the phone, talking to strangers and partying).
Listener or Speaker: ...Both. If I don't know somebody and if I don't have anything to say, I will listen. Though if I have a subject to talk about and I know the person, I can rant for quite a while.
Fun or Business: :/ Dunno really. Maybe fun? XD I don't like to do school assignments and would much prefer to spend my day on the Internet instead. ...But when it comes to stuff I like (like English, astrology, Japanese, etc.), I can study/work very hard.

I'm modest (my self-confidence is nearly minus-marked) and my energy level is moderate/high (I can stay awake for 40 hours before I start to feel sleepy/weird).
..When I joined a forum called "SaintSeiyaFan", I also noticed things about myself I hadn't thought of before. ...I'm a (not-so) closet sadist, I have a slightly (...slightly!?) dirty mindset/imagination and a twisted and perverted sense of humor. XD
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